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For Agencies

Beautifully Simple Workflow for Managing Bookings

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For DJ's and Artists

Up-to-date Gig information at your fingertips.

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For Promoters

Expand Your Reach, Fill Dates & Build Reputation

Scalable Technology

Gigwell's platform is built from the ground-up for security, scalability and configurability. We are both platform and device agnostic- so whether your on your laptop in L.A. or your iPhone in Ibiza, it works.

Effective UX

Our simple and powerful user interface reduces your workflow into a series of actionable decisions. From inquiry to performance, Gigwell's seamless integration makes task management a breeze.

Automate The Busy Work

By eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, Gigwell automates the busy work for agents, promoters and artists allowing them to focus on whats most important- booking quality gigs.

Join our Waitlist

We’re currently operating in a closed beta with select agencies in the electronic music space. Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in Gigwell. As much as we love the influx of signups, we’ve been forced to tap the brakes for our beta to focus on providing the best experience to all our customers. Fill out this form below to join our waiting list as we work towards releasing Gigwell to the public.


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